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Helping Women Feel and Look Younger at Any Age

Are you feeling tired, worn out and/or bloated? Maybe you’re losing hair, irritable, and can’t think like you once could?  You’ve gone to the doctor and they keep telling you your labs look normal and there’s nothing wrong, yet you know you could feel better?  More than likely you are experience hormone imbalance and/or thyroid disfunction.  Conventional medicine is not designed to make you healthy.  Traditional doctors aren’t trained in how to naturally help you heal.  The medications doctors prescribe are expensive and designed to control symptoms and make a profit, not to help you heal and because of that they are never going to get to the root of what’s truly wrong.

Dr Reed will help you uncover and address the cause of your disease by working with you to jointly create a personalized wellness plan so you can save money, be an active participant in your healthcare, and ultimately live the life you deserve.




Medical History Review

$ 347
  • Thorough review of medical history
  • 90 minute visit to discuss results of medical history and possible treatment plans
  • Functional medicine/root cause approach to treatment
  • Individualized treatment plan developed
  • Strategies provided

About Us

A few years ago, we were not healthy.  We were collectively 160 pounds heavier and had multiple health issues.  We were both on medications for “diseases” like hormone imbalance, joint pain, heartburn, and even depression/anxiety.

After being determined to lose weight, we eliminated processed foods, went against the opposite of the US dietary guidelines, and not only lost weight, but resolved all of our chronic health issues.

We had no idea what we were getting into when we made the change, but found out later on, we were practicing a basic form of functional medicine.  At the time we had never heard of the term, but as it became clear our health issues were entirely caused by our love of sweets and breweries, we discovered functional medicine.

Years later and our health continues to improve every day.  Our quest to improve our health, the health of our family, and share what we have learned and continue to learn has become our life’s purpose.

We have more energy in our late 40s and early 50s than we did in our 30s.  We’re on zero medications.  Our joints no longer hurt, indigestion is a thing of the past, and our hormone levels are where they should be.  Naturally.

We have been so amazed by our results that Dr Reed decided to leave traditional medicine to train in functional medicine, and Dave trained to become a functional medicine health coach.

We can’t wait to help you and your family achieve the health you deserve.

Patient Reviews

I have been looking for a good doctor in this area for a while now. There are a few other doctors but I feel they aren’t able to take their time with the patients. I been there a-couple times now and it true my feels like VIP treatment. In and out ,no waiting and no messing around. Right to business, the best part is that she actually cares!!

D Riley

Dr. Reed diagnosed me almost instantly after years of suffering and never getting an actual diagnosis. She is very professional, knowledgeable and took her time with me which I appreciate and am not used to. Highly recommend and so glad I (well my wife) found her to be my new primary care physician.

R Golledge

I went with my husband to visit with Dr Reed. She is very friendly, thorough and gave us a generous amount to time to discuss our health needs.

A Sands

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*please note we do not take any forms of insurance.  This is an entirely cash based practice.  By removing the middle man, it allows us to create an environment for healing the current model of healthcare is lacking.